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What is Workplace Training?

Workplace Training is a broad topic that encompasses everything from safety to soft skills training. Training is the key to keeping the company in step with trends, technology, best practices, and ahead of its competitors. Employees who receive training are better able to perform their job duties and the company benefits from the increase in the staff’s knowledge base. Ensuring technical employees keep up with industry trends and changing technology is vital to a company’s success in the rapidly advancing information technology marketplace.
But what about a recent college graduate or an employee with years of experience in their field, but lacking in a new software or skill required for a position? The key to obtaining the job is possessing the correct skills, and a skills match is how employers view an applicant’s capability to perform the functions required for the position. That is where training can help an applicant obtain the skills to secure a new job. There are a variety of avenues to make the job seeker more marketable including: internships, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training.